Tuesday, 28 February 2012

City on Fire

Hello world,

Just as the lady in Sweeny Todd was singing, today London is on fire. Do not get alarmed and run screaming out of your houses; because of course I do not mean it literarily. I probably would not be here typing away if that were true. What I do mean is my first time using redscale film. 
("City on Fire" taken with a Lomo Diana F+)

This is one of my favorite pictures I have from London. There seems to be fire everywhere, the clouds look great but creepy.

(Both taken with a Lomo Diana F+)

See how the graffiti looks like is fluorescent, shiny. In reality, it was just white.

And here is just a special photo of “Princess and the Frog.”

 ("Princess and the Frog" taken with a Lomo Diana F+)

Till later world. 

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