Thursday, 8 March 2012

Blue door, a goat, Jaipur

Hello world,

Today we go to a little town just outside of Jaipur, India. Situated at the foot of a palace, this town is full of character, old buildings and trees with roots wrapping around them. School children playing around, a music shop owner cleaning a trumped, and then a relaxed goat next to a blue door. The perfect combination.

(Taken with a Nikon D300) 

Till later world!


  1. Great shot. :)
    I didn't know you came to India as well, did you visit Bombay or Goa?

    1. Thank you :)
      I actually used to live in Bombay! There will be more shots coming up.
      And yes I have been to Goa as well but unfortunately it was before the time I got into photography. But I will make a Bombay post soon :)


    2. OMG that is quite awesome. Bombay is my home :)

    3. Ha! That's amazing! :D
      Ahh Bombay is great, I love every bit of that city.