Saturday, 10 March 2012

"Don't go breaking my heart"

Hello world,

Today, I am in Barcelona! After a very long night of queuing at the airport and flying, we (I am here with four of my friends) got out of the airport to the amazing Barcelona sun, and breathed. Breathed the air of art, architecture and freedom.

As we waited to see our accommodation, we sat under a tree. Overshadowed by a historic building, a little animal was nibbling away on something presumably delicious. Trying to accustom myself with the new surroundings I decided to just wander around. Then something caught my eye. A heart, stuck onto a wall of this strong, sturdy, immortal building.

(Barcelona, taken with an iPhone 4s)

So my dear readers, I wish you a great Saturday and that no one "goes breaking your heart".

Till later world.


  1. That sounds great! Have fun in Barcelona. :)

    1. Thanks :)
      Ohh Barcelona was great. Such a beautiful city! Every building has its own charm, every little street its own secrets. Guitar music in the cafes, the sound of the sea all while you eat tapas. Amazing :)