Friday, 23 March 2012

Monkey Business

Hello world,

I love monkeys. Be it orang-utans, chimpanzees, howler monkeys or any other kind, I think they are amazing. We are freakishly alike. Due to this resemblance I feel towards them, I always find it strange, awekward, uncofrotable to see monkeys in cages or chained. Zoos fascinate me. The animals, what you can learn about them there. At the same time though, there is that uneasy feeling.

Here is a photo of a lovely little primate in a cage, eating an ice cream...

(Both taken in Thailand using a Nikon D300) 

As 'cute and adorable' as it may seem to people that the monkey is eating 'human food', it really is not a suitable diet for it. Ha! It's not exactly healthy for humans either (states the person who is a big fan).

Have a great weekend,
Till later world.

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