Thursday, 16 February 2012

My love for Lomography

My love for lomography and the vibrant photos that come out from using different films first begun at Christmas 2010 when my sister got me the Lomography Fisheye (watermelon edition). A year and a bit down the line I have acquired many more cameras, developing my skills and creativity. 

Starting out with my fabulous fisheye, I took pictures of just about everything. Of course, some of them (if not most at the beginning) did not come out as well as I would have hoped but then there were those few that made my weeks. I think that’s what I love most about taking analogue pictures, that not all are perfect, but when you do get a good picture, it blows your head off. 

(Two things I love :P taken with the fisheye camera) 

Lomo LC-A+. Ah the colours! This camera is capable of making any old, boring scene rich with colours and effects. The feel of the pictures, mood and atmosphere is always alive, no matter what film and setting are used. This black (well depending on what edition you got) beauty can take pictures at night, morning, sun or no sun due to its built in sensor (it opens the shutter automatically for however long it needs to be opened). All you need to do is set the ISO of the film and snap away! 

(Monkeys at the Berlin Zoo taken with Lomo LC-A+)

My Fujifilm Instax Mini camera brings be photos here and now wherever I am. The photos are a brilliant credit card size that I can take with me on my trips, day to day or simply hang above my bed. Great for taking portraits of people.

What I really love about shooting with my Lubitel 166+ is that I have to do everything myself to get the photo I want. I need to set the aperture, the shutter speed and the focus. I then get to use the skills on my digital camera, having learned what ISO, shutter speed and so on are all about. 

My beloved Diana F+ (CMYK edition) was lost during a very special night out in Hong Kong. May it rest in peace. (Or hopefully someone has found it and is using it to spread the love for LOMO :)

(Colourful chairs of India taken with the Diana F+)

Overall my experience with film cameras has been exciting and rewarding. Exciting in that you never fully know what the photos will come out like and rewarding when the photos come out exceptional. I have recently been rummaging through my parents’ cupboard and found the remarkable Nikon F70 which I now plan to explore.

Those of you out there reading my blog, do share your photo stories, digital or analogue =) 

And this is the girl who got me into all of this =)

(This photo was taken in Bangkok, on our way to the Bangkok Lomography store. The street had Lomography stickers up until the store, leading the way to the photographer’s little paradise.)

Till later world.