Tuesday, 2 June 2015

To new beginnings.

Good morning world,

I am just sitting here in the garden, taking coverage from the sizzling sun as my skin has started to turn red already. The holiday spirit has got me thinking about writing blogs, especially as I am leaving soon for Belize where I wish to engage people around the world in our work through social media. Over the years I have started many separate blogs, on health, on photography, on cats, but I have finally (about time) come to the conclusion that I can write about all these aspects of my life in one coherent blog. I wanted to start yet another blog this summer, but I chose to follow this one instead, as it is my first blog and I still love it as much as when I started it :)

I am currently relaxing at my parent's house in Poland, before I leave for yet another Belize adventure in about two weeks. I really cannot wait to go back there again, especially as this summer we will be going though the already existing collection so I will get to see all the artefacts in storage. Being an archaeologists is simply awesome.

Till later world,

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